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One Hot Nite : Akame get in on one night.
Tegoshi Thinks: 1 ..... Sequel: Ryo Knows: 1

Last updated: 06.19.08

BTW, im not too much of an updater so be careful... it might take weeks for me to update w/ another chapter. ^^

11.12.09 - Christmas Wishlist!!

Coastal Scents 88 Palette
Foundation Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover #2
2PM - 1:59PM

Arashi - ALL THE BEST 1999 - 2009 CD
F.T Island - Double Date
SHINee - 2009, Year of Us
You're Beautiful OST This is like, the only OST I am actually willing to buy. Ever. I wouldnt even fork out the money to buy BBF's OST.
Frozen Flower DVD
Lee JunKi - Fan Meeting Episode I (Collector's Edition)

Arashi - 5x10 All the Best! CLIPS 1999-2009 ( Japan Version)

NEWS - Live Diamond (First press, Limited Edition) Japan Edition <-- I'm surprised that this isn't sold out already!
NEWS - Live Diamond (Regular Edition) Japan Edition

DBSK 2010 Calender
Posters - SHINee, Super Junior, DBSK, f(x), SS501, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, JYP (plz, not the one where he's in the SEETHRU PANTS, D<), BEAST, MBLAQ, F.T Island, Epik High, Taegoon.. etc, all the groups/artists I like! :)

A Banana. I'm serious guys, I've been reading through MLIA that you can send bananas through the mail...Canada Post, idk, but seriously, I want a banana over the mail. If you're gonna send one, make sure that it's still VERY green though. Don't want a mushy banana arriving at my house, @@"
Handmade cards OR handwritten messages written inside bought cards OR a handwritten letter, X)
Super Junior 1st Preminium Live in Japan
KPOP Socks

You're Beautiful PigRabbit Stuffed Thing, :DD

uhm, i'm sorry this list got way too out of hand.
Henry Lau 3


My emo moments has brought me to write another poorly writtena fanfiction.  I don't plan for this to go anywhere, it's just me releasing pent-up emotions and sharing my thoughts.  Whether you choose to read this or not, is your decision.  I could care less.  I feel better now that I've wrote that.

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Henry Lau 3


Hey guys, I'm going to be starting up a facebook sort of business soon with a friend and that business will also be on livejournal !  

For now, our business plans to support Park Jaebeom and will show that by personalizing t-shirts with a support logo.  Details to come soon ~ X)
I will also run a Japanese magazine sale for people who do not have access to Japanese magazines, :)

All detail to come soon, we will also sell clothing. shoes, and accessories.  and beauty products
Everything will be from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea (maybes).

Post a comment if you'd like to know more !
We're still WAY in the planning stages of this business, rofls.
we don't even have a name yet,