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사랑해 ☆★


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You're my melody norul yonjuhalke On & On (and on & on & on) Non norae nae sarmui soundtrack, Insaengui mudael, Barkhyojunun norul saranghae, To bullojullae non naui norae...

I got Kazuya kamenashi from Shuji to Akira forChristmas!

[YABU KOTA] just booked our HONEYMOON to HAWAII

*AIBA HIROKI* must be TIRED 'cause he's been running through my mind ALL DAY!

☆彡HIROKI AIBAbanged me like a screendoorin a HURRICANE彡☆

Yabu Kotaput his jacket over the rain puddle so I wouldn't get wet

Matsumoto Jun took me to the beach, THREW me into the ocean, I drowned & so he gave me mouth to mouth~!

I and [ceceuy64] went to Tokyo, searching for evidences of [AKAME], and we really saw them in a Café - secretly HOLDING HANDS under the table

I had a picnic with KAMENASHI KAZUYA in middle of the beautiful cherry blossoms, but he told me "You are even prettier than the prettiest blossom!" (^o^)丿

Yabu Kota, Akanishi Jin and Yamashita Tomohisa}
told me:

always make
but there's one thing I do that's
never wrong
And that's


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